I had a disease problem & lost all my plants/I am starting over from scratch. How do I eliminate the risk of the bugs/disease still being there?

For recurring pest and disease problems look at your daily patterns. You could be reintroducing pest/diseases with your clothes, your tools, and even your pets. If you have a pet, try to keep them out of the growing environment. If you have multiple growing areas, change your clothes and/or wear and change gloves to ensure you are not carrying the problem back and forth. If you have used a method for curing the pest or mold, and you have multiple growing areas, treat all of the areas whether affected or not. When you are treating an area, try to treat it twice over a week to ensure best results. Here’s a tip with Pests: Hardy pests like spider mites and thrips have a short life span. A mite lives about 35 days and a thrip about 55 days.  They are able to lay eggs within 5-7 days of hatching. If you “bug bomb” it will only kill the pests that are alive and will not affect the eggs. I think of a bug bomb release as the “knock down”.  If you spray your plants you might not get every inch of every surface; but if you use a bug bomb in conjunction with the spray you will be far better off.  Use the bomb first, then the spray. If you have a severe infestation try to bug bomb twice in a 10 day period. This will ensure you have killed the pests that have hatched before they mature to adults and lay more eggs.

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