How important is it that I adjust my pH and why?

The majority of growers, especially indoor gardeners, should be adjusting their pH. While you can grow without adjusting pH levels, you will be faced with poor results. In some areas, the tap water is so unbalanced you might have to adjust the pH just to have a decent harvest. Soil is a bit more forgiving than other media types for pH adjustment. The best way to tes pH levels is to obtain a pH reading kit (which will have a strip and a liquid) or a pH meter. Start by testing the water right out of your tap. If it is above 6.5, you should be adjusting your pH level regularly. Once you incorporate pH balancing into your routine you will see the difference! IMPORTANT: When you add nutrients/supplements to your reservoir, your pH levels will RISE. When you are adjusting your final reservoir mixture, pH balance LAST.

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