How do I help stop my plants from getting moldy in my indoor garden/greenhouse?

If it is brown mold (in the flower) the humidity is too high. You need more airflow or a dehumidifier. If you are seeing a white powder mold, most types are toxic to inhale so be careful. If you already have it there are a number of organic products to use. Serenade is one I’ve used and it works great, I’d use few applications. If you have powder mold recurring regularly, try increasing your airflow to drop the humidity. Conidia (the mold spores) thrive in temperatures 55-95 F so temperature control is not something you can use to prevent it. In an indoor environment, the best preventative is a sulfur burner. When the sulfur evaporates, the surfaces of the room will be at a pH that the mold cannot grow in. If your plants grow very fast, I recommend giving two dosages. For flowering plants, do not use a sulfur evaporator after the 2nd week. One downside of using a sulphur evaporator is that the smell sticks around for weeks and could taint the smell of your fruit or flowers.

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