Controlling Heat Lighting Issues

Here is what you can do to control heat because of your lighting: Are you using air cooled hoods? Not everyone needs them- if you have a 12 foot ceiling you are blessed. In my opinion air cooled hoods are well worth the extra cost. If you want to have the best possible efficiency buy an air cooled hood AND a hood cover. Check out Hydro Innovations Heat Shield Reflector Hood covers. I’ve seen these covers drop the temperature in a room already air cooled (with hood and insulated ducting) by 8 degrees! Is your ducting Insulated? If you have non-insulated ducting (the silver stuff, single layer), and it runs in lengths longer than 5 feet, you are losing most of the heat right off the ducting. You can actually feel the heat that emanates off the non-insulated ducting. If you run ducting at ALL, you must use insulated ducting. Put in the extra dollars, since you are already putting in the effort, and see 75% better efficiency! Is your ducting running efficiently? Every time you add a 45 or 90 degree angle, the air flow is dramatically decreased. Run your ducting in as straight of a line as possible to maximize efficiency.

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