Container Gardening

Indoor gardening, almost exclusively involves containers and potting soil. Hydroponics is an exception.

Why Grow in Containers???

Soilless Potting Mixes

Primarily soiless potting mixes such as Canna Coco, Roots Organics, ProMix, Ocean Forest are used in container gardening.


Containers are easily moved around as needed.


  • Rotate plants for even light coverage
  • Move pots around tight spaces to access all plants
  • Easily move plants from one space to another (veg to bloom)
  • Remove root ball to inspect roots


  • Rotate plants for even light coverage
  • Move plants to more or less sunlight
  • Move plants away from insect infestations
  • Remove root ball to inspect roots

Build Your Own Soil

  • Potting soil can be used when your outdoor area contains poor quality soil or
  • You may not have space in your yard for an outdoor garden bed
  • Potting soil allows for you to choose the properties that are ideal for
    • Plant type and growing conditions
    • ¬†Drainage/Water retention
      • Organic matter content
      • Microbial content

Control feeding/fertilization

  • Content is decided by you including the food for your plants
  • Proper ratio of nutrients can be provided by the gardener
  • Nutrient deficiency and toxicity can be corrected more easily
  • Proper pH range for optimal growth can be checked and adjusted