Discounted Pricing for Commercial Garden Operations

We would like to introduce ourselves to your business.

Throughout the years, River Market Hydroponics has covered it all. We have been a part of creating ideas and solutions for commercial facilities in throughout the Kansas City area and beyond.  Our retail store in the River Market area has become a hub for growers of all types, from the hobbyist garden to the professional commercial operations.


There are a number of products you will only find through us. This is because we have strong relationships with manufacturers. You will find we have unique solutions that are of a higher quality than products typically available at a price that is unbeatable. Your success is our success, and we are working to provide more value to ensure your success every day.


You will receive top tier wholesale pricing.


We can ship directly to the garden location or to nearby freight facilities for customer pickup discreetly.


With River Market Hydroponics you are in the best hands. We not only know each and every product intimately, but we have the right commercial solution for every hydroponic application. Our partnerships as a worldwide supplier have allowed us to work with design companies to provide our customers with lighting and environmental design solutions. Provide us your schematics and we will provide you detailed recommendations with footprint diagrams and ventilation suggestions for the garden layout. We can perform this for gardens of 20 lamp fixtures to 1500 lamp fixtures.


River Market Hydroponics has defined the “Commercial Grower Program” grower criteria as follows:

  • You are operating a full-time production garden
  • You have a dedicated lighting canopy of over 500 square feet (20+ HID Lights)
  • An initial order to be approved for the program would be a minimum of $10,000.
  • You would have an annual purchase volume of at least $50,000 or more.

As an official Commercial Grower Account, you will receive Top Tier discounts that will allow your business to flourish. You have access to products exclusive to River Market Hydroponics below standard acceptable pricing levels. You will have access to our Commercial consultants. You will receive a 1.5% annual credit for products purchased through our website or in the store. Some accounts will qualify for a tax-exempt status.

The process is simple:

  1. Fill out our Commercial Account form below.
  2. Include your prospective commercial order, and/or state the nature of your project.
  3. We can respond to you with your commercial account pricing (which is a minimal percent over standard cost).
Please contact us at 816-421-1840 or with any questions. Once we set up an account with you, please provide us a wish list of products with your floor plans so we can help you with your design needs.