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We now offer a Garden Blog for everyone, we want to make sure "It's Growin' Well" in your garden. We'll look at all the pieces of the garden puzzle from below the surface to top of the plant. Whether it's simply giving you an idea, helping with an issue, hopefully getting you to think outside the box and look at things differently, or checking out and answering "What does that product do and how will I benefit?"; we will discuss, experience and check out along the way. All of it without taking ourselves too serious. Because all of us at River Market Hydro share, gone through/going through, tried (and TRIED!), and know the "neighbors think I'm crazy because I am out in the garden talking, yelling, and asking myself questions!" scenario that we all experience during our gardening adventure. So, we are expanding upon what we offer our customers, one focus is how we can properly use the blog for providing information, education, communication, overall better experience with the added ability to hear from you, our customer, by your comments, feedback, ideas and questions. 

The latest from our It's Growin Well Blog... 


I'm just popping out a teaser-ish on next blog article since I got a bit tied up on some backend work with the website. I also mentioned that last week would see a 'POP-POP' of blog articles, so wanted to let everyone know...articles near completion. Out of the two, feel this one will be more beneficial because of our seemingly early start to the season. This is one you can focus on now and throughout the season, or year.

WORMS. We all have them, at least I hope you do, we see them, the Robin's feed themselves and their young with them, we even use them to catch fish. But, where do we put thought into them within our garden, or as I call it; The Yarden. The overall reality is we should put a lot of thought about 'worms' within the scope of our gardens, or if you're like me; Yarden. I make it a point to get the wandering worms after a rainfall off the concrete, grab my hand rake to pull back a spot in the garden...and give the worm a new home, also giving my garden a big added benefit. They do a lot of garden work for you, but they're pretty quiet about it, and, the work and benefit is in your soil (the iceberg) so for most it becomes 'out of sight, out of mind' since it is not seen, yet it is...your plants help tell the tale of their benefit.

Hey! It's not just dirt! It's life. Are you thinking about your 'Yarden' soil? If not, you should be. The area at ground level and below is a VERY important piece of your overall satisfaction and success. Think of it as an iceberg...

  The three numbers on fertilizer represents the value of the three macro-nutrients used by plants. These macro-nutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) or NPK for short.

The higher the number, the more concentrated the nutrient is in the fertilizer. For example, numbers on fertilizer listed as 20-5-5 has four times more nitrogen in it than phosphorus and potassium. A 20-20-20 fertilizer has twice as much concentration of all three nutrients than 10-10-10.